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Statement for International Telegraphic Transfer
时间:2018-5-18    浏览次数:1195
According to International financial policy, our international telegraphic transfer account is under
audit by our bank, and it will take some time to fix it.
At present, our international telegraphic transfer account could not be used. Herewith, we(Aurora Components Co.,Limited, Aurora in short hereafter) authorize our agent(Aplus Components Co.,Limited, Aplus in short hereafter) to collect our international telegraphic transfer amount. All telegraphic transfer actions taken by Aplus will represent Aurora legally, and Aurora will undertake all legal responsibility which caused by this authorization. When Aurora bank account is fixed by our bank, we will notify all valuable customers officially and will state it on our website. We are sincerely sorry for all inconvenience brought to you and thank you very much for your cooperation.
Aplus bank account is as below:
Bank Name: HSBC Hong Kong
Account :817 818743 838
Bank Address: 1 Queen,s Road Central, Hong Kong
In the meantime, you can pay by Western Union or Paypal of Aurora. You can also do Escrow terms through third party if you have worries.
Sincerely Yours,
Aurora Components Co., Limited