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MEAN WELL China Operations Center was officially opened! 
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After over 4 years of planning and construction, the New China Operations Center of MEAN WELL~ MEAN WELL GuangZhou Industrial Park (Acronym: Guangzhou Huadu new plant), has completed the final acceptance process of infrastructures. Since June, we finished the tasks step by step such as trial run of newly purchased instruments, set up the automation production lines, and the moved-in of warehouse and related staffs…etc. Now, we are glad to announce that the Guangzhou Huadu new plant, locates in Huadu District, Guangzhou MEAN WELL Industrial Park in China, will be formally operated on 10th of Oct, 2016. The new plant will become the largest production site of MEAN WELL group.

Guangzhou Huadu new plant, located in Jin’gu South Road, Huadong Town, Huadu District in Guangzhou, covers an area of 28,697 square meters (43 acres), 5-story main building, and gross floor area of 62,488 square meters, which has 2 times the area summed in total of Taiwan MEAN WELL headquarters and Suzhou MEAN WELL.

The new plant from the new Guangzhou Baiyun Airport takes only 30 minutes by drive, the transportation and logistics are very convenient. It also has functions of manufacturing center, procurement center as well as IT center. In addition, with the phase-in of high-efficient automated production line and the local sales service network, the new plant in Huadu will become China operations center of MEAN WELL and represents our determination to deeply root in China.